mediation & dispute resolution



As a court appointed mediator for the North Central District Court for the North Dakota Family Mediation Program, I understand the importance of utilizing a client-centered process to assist parties in creating reasonable agreements tailored to their unique needs and circumstances.  

Mediation provides the parties with the opportunity to settle their matter in a private setting and gives them the opportunity to play a role in the negotiation and cooperative settlement of their matter outside of the courtroom. Because the parties control the outcome of their matter, they are often more satisfied with the resolution reached through mediation rather than a litigated settlement.


Child Custody Investigations

I am a Custody Investigator under the North Dakota Statewide Parenting Investigator Roster pursuant to the North Dakota Rules of Court, Rule 8.6. As a Custody Investigator, I have an impartial and unbiased role in assisting the court and the parties by gathering facts and providing a recommended solution for the best interests of the children involved. My goal is to make a decision that is in the best interest of your child and individualized to your family dynamics.


Parenting Time Expediting

There are times when co-parenting can be difficult for parties. Instead of returning to Court, the parties may be ordered to utilize the confidential parenting time expediting(PTE) services to help enforce, interpret, and clarify parenting time disputes as they arise. As a parenting time expeditor, it is my goal to take a neutral position in assisting the parties in timely resolving their disputes, prior to the expense of a filing a motion with the Court.